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About Varmint Vamouse

I made Varmint Vamouse after my new camper suffered major damage due to mice. After speaking with RV Dealers, Farm Equipment Dealers, and Auto dealers it was discovered that mice were a problem any time vehicles were inactive.

In an effort to reduce the chance of damage in the future I went looking for an all natural solution. What he found was Varmint Vamouse. After much research and some testing we are convinced that Varmint Vamouse really works when used as suggested.

We encourage any one with mouse problems or who wants insurance against potential problems to try Varmint Vamouse. The product is sold with a money back No-Hassle guarantee. Varmint Vamouuse products are manufactured and sold by  CASTLECITY.COM. CASTLECITY.COM is located in Elgin, Manitoba, Canada.

Know Thy Enemy

  • Squirrels, mice, & rats use their tails for balance as they run. Rats & mice use their tails to help them climb almost any kind of wall.


  • ​Despite not having opposable thumbs, rodents are really good at gripping things with their paws & feet.

  • Rodents are smaller than they appear. Mice can fit through holes the size of a dime (18 mm) or smaller. A rat can fit through holes around the size of a quarter (around 25 mm). And, gray squirrels can fit through holes around 40 mm (which is a little larger than a Voyageur silver dollar.)

Canadian coins

Signs to Look For

Nests will contain assorted items - twigs & leaves, yarn, fabric. shredded paper, cardboard, etc.

Hot Spots 

These hotspots are good locations to place your Varmint Vamouse so you can prevent the costly damage caused by rodents.

a house
The Home
  • Stove's pan drawer/beneath stove

  • Cabinets / Sink Cabinet

  • Beneath Refrigerator

  • Insulated walls

  • Near heat sources

  • Storage spaces

  • Inside furniture

Class A Motorhome
Campers, RVs & Motorhomes
  • Plumbing exits

  • Water line entrances

  • Heater exhaust port

  • Gaps around wiring / plumbing

  • Wall corners

  • Doors

  • Holes in the floor

  • Weak seals in pull-out sections

Construction equipment.webp
Farming & Construction Equipment
  • Beneath engine

  • On engine block

  • Air intake box / Air vents

  • Holes around cables

  • Pedal shafts

  • Inside the cab

  • Inside exhaust pipe

  • Air intake box

  • Saddle bags

  • On the handle bars

Classic Car
Cars & Trucks

Cars in storage are more susceptable.

  • Beneath engine

  • Air intake box / Air vents

  • Holes around cables

  • Pedal shafts

  • Steering column

  • Dashboard / glove box

  • Trunk

Camo ATV
Quads, 3 & 4 Wheelers, & Smaller ATVs

For these vehicles, rodents are most likely to make a nest in the air intake box, but also check the wiring compartment.

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